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Caddie Programs & Services

From forecaddies to single-bag caddies, daily tee times to multi-course tournaments, Premier Caddie can structure a customized program to meet any set of requirements. Our aim is to enhance the overall golfing experience which ultimately, helps our clients improve their brand and grow their business. Caddies have been an essential part of the game of golf since the Company of Edinburgh Golfers in Scotland formed the first golf club in 1744. Today, the close relationship between golfer and caddie remains unique in sport.

What does a caddie do?

To enjoy the sport of golf to its fullest extent, it is recommended that you walk the golf course. A caddie adds enjoyment to a round of golf, and many golfers believe that caddies even help lower their scores. A caddie adds to the overall experience by catering to the players needs during the round. A few of the main duties include; carrying the golf bag, spotting the golf ball, and keeping the player's clubs clean. The more experienced caddies do much more to help the player succeed in their golf round.