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Caddie Manager

For each of our clients, our company employs one lead caddie manager. The number of total managers on site relates to the total number of caddies at a particular site. The manager will be responsible for a caddie staff that may range from as few as 5 caddies to as many as 36 caddies.

Responsibilities of a Manager:

Caddie Position

Caddies in our company may perform one or two types of caddying - traditional bag carrying and forecaddying. For the golfer, bag carrying is "a walk in the park" for the caddie however, it is a physically demanding job. Caddies carry two bags weighing up to 35 lbs each and may have to walk 36 holes in the same day! Caddies are usually paid a base wage with a gratuity (site specific).

The other type of caddying we do is Forecaddying. A forecaddie accompanies up to four golfers who ride in carts. The forecaddie hustles along and works ahead of the golfers to provide all the services a traditional caddie would provide.

Caddies are responsible for the following:

Caddie qualifications:

The Caddie process includes:

If you are interested in working at PREMIERCADDIE or would like to request a caddie, please contact the Caddie Master. or call (858)-218-6303

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